Win our Awards !!


The society for DV-Xa has 4 kinds of award which are examined in advance and 2 kinds of presentation award which are examined at the conference. That is

  1. DV-Xa Society Award is awarded to a person who showed distinguished leadership on the study of DV-Xa method and made great efforts for development of the society.
  2. Academic Award is awarded to a person who made great progress in investigation or application of DV-Xa method and his(her) achievements are highly recognized by researchers outside of this society.
  3. Distinguished contribution Award is awarded to a person or a group who contributed to the progress of science and technology based on DV-Xa method or raising studying levels of younger researchers of this fields.
  4. Encouragement award is awarded to a younger person (under 40 years old), who is expected to show great activity in future, to encourage his(her) study.
  5. Best poster presentation Award is given to excellent poster presentations by students.
  6. Best oral presentation Award is given to excellent oral presentations by students.


The following explanations hold only for prize 1)-4).

  • An applicant should be a member or a student member of the society.
  • An application can be submitted by applicant him(her)self or with recommendation by the awarding committee or other member of the society.
  • Application forms should be submitted via e-mail to the society bureau.

Prof. Rika Sekine    E-mail:

  • The closing date of application is June 16, 2019  extended to 30 June 2019. The result of examination will be informed by July 15, 2019.
  • The award winner should give a memorial lecture at the conference.
  • Details of application can be inquired to the chairman of the awarding committee.

(Mr.) Katsumi Nakagawa    E-mail: